Near end a new start – Düsseldorf is joining

As some (hopefully not many) of you are already leaving soon and others are in the last (or near last) steps of developing the app…a small group from duesseldorf is joining the course. On Friday four students from the city at the rhineriver  startet the course “social software for your studies and the futures social [...]

Learning design

I am writing this blog to explain what we mean under “learning design” as part of the final paper. You can find the information about the final team report here: So, here are two Frequently Asked Questions: What should the part “learning design” include? The part on “Learning design” should include: theories and references that [...]

GOOD News: Deadline Extension!

The FSLN 12 Group meeting on friday was again, although there were some technical problems here and there, really interessting. This time, we felt that there were more differences in the teams’ progress, but every team had come some steps further. As we mentioned, all need to start, or go a bit faster, with their [...]

Structure suggestions for final paper

There have been some questions regarding the exact requirements on the final paper. We strongly encourage you to bring in your expertise in writing seminar papers but suggest that you cover the following points in writing your final paper: Overall idea the idea selection process (which ideas where there, why/how did you choose) the intended [...]

GUI for mobile applications

As some students asked me for some information and inspiration on mobile GUI, here are some links to GUI kits for Android and iOS: Android: iOS: It would be great if you could add other GUI kits to this small collection. If you know of any, kust post the [...]

Gamification design

Designing for gamification was today’s topic in the Future Social Learning Networks seminar at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. I have published the slides on SlideShare so that students from other FSLN12 universities can get an insight into this topic. You may also have a look and/or follow the Gamification Stack on Delicious where [...]

Next overall course meeting (and preparatory tasks)

It’s only two weeks until the next overall course meeting with all students that will take place on 01.06.2012, 10:00 – 11:30 CEST in Adobe Connect. Since the last meeting went pretty well, we will keep the time format the same. That means each team will have four minutes for their presentation and we organizers [...]

Next stop: interactive mockups

As you know the next milestone of the FSLN course are interactive mockups (also see the timeline again). As some teams have asked what exactly we want to see by 18.05. I would like to explain it again for all. After you discussed several App ideas and agreed on one, many of you have created [...]

Continuous competitor analysis task

Now that all teams have agreed on the idea that they want to realize in the remainder of the FSLN course, it is also time to see what others are doing in the field. Each group should therefore continuously see what competing Apps there are for iOS and Android and blog about each of the [...]

User stories and feature derivation

It seems that some of our students still find it hard to write user stories for their app ideas. As Wikipedia tells us in the according article, a user story is nothing more than “one or more sentences in the everyday or business language of the user of a system that captures what a user [...]